New Dieter, Linda Rey Creates Satisfying Recipes

New dieter Linda Rey, of Rey Insurance in Sleepy Hollow, NY is on Day 5 of the Can’t Lose Diet and is just hitting it out of the park when it comes to creating fat-burning recipes that satisfy the eyes and the stomach. Check it out!

Dislike radishes? Me too! My lunch today: Radishes marinated in balsamic vinegar, salt-and-pepper and mixed with white albacore tuna in water garnished with ground mustard and capers. I find if there is crunch in what would be otherwise a very bland taste, it helps to make it more palatable.

Onions_LindaReyOnions: Here’s a tip to sauté onions without oil for a version of caramelized onions with a tangy, sweet, spicy flavor. White wine vinegar, Himalayan pink salt, mustard sauce (check ingredients), half packet of stevia.

Scallops with spinach: This was surprisingly amazing. I was worried again how satisfying it would be. This is not my serving as my scallops and spinach portions were reversed! Hahahaha more for presentation. Baked wasabi crusted scallops with spinach sautéed with garlic, Himalayan salt and Herbs de Provence. Plenty of flavor and taste without oil or butter.

Baked Tilapia: Lost another pound…..must have been the amazing tilapia baked with only salt, pepper and capers with a side of asparagus baked in a balsamic/ground mustard sauce. I got the mustard at mrs. green’s and it took me about a half a dozen bottles before finding one that had no sugar or wine or lactic/citric acid. Pure mustard seeds, vinegar, water & salt only. I’m sooo glad i LOVE mustard! It will be a main ingredient.

Steak Tenderloins with Mushrooms: Tonight’s menu was a savory surprise! I bought lean steak tenderloins at Mrs. Greens and seasoned with pink salt and pepper and ground mustard to let sit all day. This morning before I left, I sautéed mushrooms in balsamic vinegar and more salt/pepper. Then let sit all day. Came home put everything in a baking dish and baked at 400 for about 25 min. Didn’t really time it. Just went on the visual. I was really scared that with no oil there would be no flavor but it was out of this world!