Busy Travel Schedule No Excuse to Fail

 Jackie Celestino, of Eastchester, NY, spent her spring-summer Wednesday nights playing in an after-work golf league with 30 women. Her friend Sherry Bruck had started the Can’t Lose Diet in May right at the beginning of golf season. Week after week, Jackie took note that Bruck wasn’t indulging in the usual post-round cocktail because she was on a strict 40 day fat-burning diet. Jackie was curious but took a “we’ll see if this works attitude”. But when Bruck reached the 6th week and had lost the promised 20 pounds, everyone noticed and exclaimed “you have melted before our eyes! Tell us what you are doing?!”

It was then Jackie Celestino made the decision. She’s an IT executive at Citicorp who travels constantly and the irregular schedule had taken a toll on her weight and health. She had been researching nutritionists and had an appointment booked, but when she saw how well Bruck had done on the Can’t Lose Diet, she met with owner Pat Hall and got started.

The extra challenge Jackie had was her business travel schedule. It wasn’t unusual for her to be hopping on and off planes multiple times a week. It wouldn’t be easy to stick to the diet grabbing airport food on the run.

“I took four trips while in the fat-burning phase of the diet. Two trips to California, one to Kentucky, and one to Mexico City,” recounts Jackie. “I brought my food to the airport because I didn’t want to take a chance of not being able to find what I needed. One time I packed chopped up chicken, cucumbers and an apple. The other time I packed steak, celery, an apple and an orange. I brought a little thermal pack and put it in my carry-on. I never had a problem with airport security.”

 “I also followed Pat’s suggestion of using plateau breakers the day before a trip to prepare my body for the stress of travel and the chance of gaining weight. I tried the apple day, but prefer the coconut oil option,” says Jackie.

 But what about eating out with business colleagues and clients? That dilemma wouldn’t be as easy to get around.

When I ate out with colleagues or clients, I would be very particular about what I ordered. If I didn’t see something on the menu I could eat, I would speak up. At first, I felt weird but then I thought ‘I worked too hard and I’m doing so well’. I didn’t want to mess up.”

 On the day of her final weighin, Jackie posted a weight loss of 27.6 lbs. in 44 days, losing a whopping 22.0 lbs. of toxic fat, decreased BMI from 29.6 to 25.2,  and a metabolic age drop from 71 years to 48 years.

But the final challenge was yet to come. Just as Jackie was entering into crucial maintenance mode where dieters must maintain their weight for 3 weeks to reset their metabolism at the new weight, she was going on a business trip to Switzerland and then two weeks to Italy with 10 friends—the mecca of long lingering meals over pasta and wine!

Believe it or not, I packed my scale and I kept it in my room. I didn’t deprive myself. I drank, had some pizza and pasta—but not every day. My body just kept chugging along burning fat.”

“I succeeded on this diet because of the support of Pat. Any time I emailed her, she always responded right away with the perfect response for where I was at in the diet. She really was a champion for me. Also, I liked having a regimen—I didn’t have to think too much, which was great for me because I’m so busy. Very simple and straightforward.”

“It’s the first diet I’ve ever been on that’s really healthy. Getting off the diet coke was a big achievement. My metabolism sped up because the weight flew off and I didn’t even exercise. I’ve never lost weight that fast and kept it off. I feel so healthy!