Top 4 Benefits of Choosing a Healthy Weight Loss Program in Westchester, NY

Fast Weight loss diet Westchester NY

Does Healthy Weight Loss Matter?

There are so many diet programs available in Westchester NY today. It seems you cannot avoid the endless TV and radio commercials where celebrity dieters boast about losing 50 lbs. on this fad diet, or that “cleanse”. They all claim to get the job done, but choosing among them can be daunting and confusing for many dieters. Frozen foods (Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem) or medical weight loss shakes (MediFast or Medi-WeightLoss)? Bariatric surgery or hormone shots?

Some fitness centers claim you can walk off 100 lbs. on a treadmill, while the seemingly healthy options like Weight Watchers offer junk food(!) selections and take months to show meaningful results. You will improve your health by losing weight, but is it important to choose a healthy way to get there? This article will help you to narrow the choices and find the healthy diet option that fits your goals.

  1. Weight Loss For Better Health or Healthy Weight Loss?

Many people just want to lose the weight, but a growing number of people are looking to improve their overall health in the process. So, your first question should be:

  • “Is my goal just to lose weight or also to get healthy?”
  • Those tired of breathing and eating toxins are choosing organic vegetables and fruits, grass-fed beef and chicken, farm-raised fish and all-natural food ingredients. It is far easier to keep weight off when eating healthy!
  1. Know Thyself – Determine a Realistic Time Frame For Losing Weight

The second question to ask yourself is:

  • “How long will it take to lose the weight and do I have the patience and determination to stick it out?”
  • Some people are super-determined to lose that postpartum belly fat or fit into that stunning wedding dress. But others have experienced less success on various diets because they lack the time commitment and willpower needed to get through the program.
  1. Overcoming Obstacles – Weight Loss Resistance and Middle Age Weight Creep

Why does it seem more difficult to lose weight and keep it off as you get older? There comes a point where you start gaining 2-5 lbs. a year and it just keeps piling on. Or you go on a drastic diet and lose the weight, only to regain it within a year. Or the diet plan that used to work for you just is not working anymore – the pounds just will not drop off, no matter what you try! The explanation is weight loss resistance, due to a number of factors:

  • Ingesting toxins in the air and in our food sources
  • Stressful living
  • Slowing metabolism
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Poor body chemistry
  • Nutritional needs not being met

So the third question to ask yourself is:

  • Is it getting harder for me to lose weight and keep it off?”
  • If weight loss resistance is a key problem for you, then you need a weight loss program that specifically deals with this issue.

The Healthy, Fast Weight Loss Diet in Westchester, NY

Most Westchesterites who are motivated to lose weight quickly fall under one of the following categories – which one are you?

  1. They are motivated to get healthy and improve their daily health.
  2. Seasonal – beach season is coming up and the holiday weight needs to come off!
  3. Event dieters – is there a wedding coming up? A trip?
  4. Just feel better about yourself.

A diet plan that focuses on losing weight fast, but also emphasizes healthy eating, is the best way to lose fat and keep the weight off. A diet center like Can’t Lose Diet in Harrison, NY is the safe, healthy way to lose a lot of weight fast. A customized plan introduces what your body needs in order to lose fat very quickly.

Beware of cleanses, which can help you lose a lot of water weight but don’t help you lose fat. Also, plans that rely on processed, packaged frozen food can help you lose weight slowly over time, but the food itself lacks the healthful nutrients that provide your body with fat-burning energy.

Here are four reasons why a diet plan that focuses on healthy, fast weight loss like Can’t Lose Diet is the way to go:


Can’t Lose Diet uses FDA-cleared Resonant Frequency (RF) Technology to assess how to balance the body, customize natural solutions and create a specific program for each person’s individual needs. This helps the body start burning 2000-6000 calories of its own toxic fat for fuel.

  • The body-balancing scan will:
  • Focus on nearly every factor for Fat Burning, Storage, and Metabolism.
  • Balance your Hormones, Body Chemistry and Nutritional Needs.
  • Clear away the Toxins and other Stressors like Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites.
  • Healthy programs use a fast weight loss, hormone-balancing diet plan. The programs utilize all natural foods and supplements that allow your body to heal itself from the inside out.
  • High quality weight loss programs stay in communication with the dieter every step of the way. Clients visit the office every 7-10 days to make sure they are burning fat and not losing water. Dedicated staff is standing by to help their clients succeed, so that if they have any questions or issues, they can get answers.
  • Once you have lost the weight, a quality weight loss diet program works with clients throughout the maintenance period. They establish a new weight set point, which is the key to making sure you do not put the weight back on.
  • This vital 3-week period stabilizes the body, locks in the weight loss and resets metabolism.

Fast Weight Loss Diet the Healthy Way: 20 Pounds in 40 Days?

Many diets that claim fast weight loss are cleanses that encourage water weight loss – not fat. Can’t Lose Diet is the kind of healthy, rapid weight loss diet program that actually helps you lose fat. Not only that, but the foods that are introduced into the clients’ plan are fat-burning fuel that also jump start the metabolism. Furthermore, once the initial fast weight loss is accomplished, the staff at Can’t Lose Diet monitors and consults with the client to keep the weight off.

  • The Can’t Lose Diet’s targeted approach guarantees 20-40 or more pounds of weight loss in only 40 days by targeting stored fat.
  • 20 pounds in 40 days? Is it really doable? It is…the results are proven, consistent and guaranteed.
  • What are the best sides effect of losing weight and getting healthy at Can’t Lose Diet? Easy, more energy, more self confidence and happiness.

Can’t Lose Diet is a proven fast weight loss diet program in Harrsion, NY serving all of Westchester County and beyond: Rye, Rye Brook, Mamaroneck, Scarsdale, White Plains, Harrison, Port Chester, New Rochelle, Hartsdale, Tarrytown, Irvington, Dobbs Ferry, Hastings on Hudson, Briarcliff Manor, Larchmont, Elmsford, Sleepy Hollow, Greenwich CT, Stamford CT, Bedford, Ossining, Croton on Hudson, Mount Pleasant, Pleasantville, Chappaqua, Armonk, New Castle, North Castle, Yorktown Heights and more…


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