Another Can’t Lose Diet Success Story, With a Twist!



Can you imagine being on a diet where you have just LOST 21.2 lbs. in 42 days — and your biggest problem is consuming the 800 fat calories you are supposed to eat at this stage of the process?

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Back Story: Thea just lost 21.2 lbs in 42 days and we are locking in her weight & fat losses. We do that by, among other methods, slowly re-introducing fat calories back into her daily diet. Thea sent me a text this morning with a complaint — it is actually a typical issue close to the end of the Can’t Lose Diet program.



Poor thing — she is having trouble consuming SO MUCH fat — including cheese, nuts, chocolate, avocados — that she is needs help figuring out how to eat more fat calories to meet her 800 fat-calorie per day requirement.

(We should all be so lucky to have THIS problem!)

Should I tell it is time to re-introduce pizza and ice cream into her eating life?