Westchester Weight Loss Spotlight: Metabolic Age

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There are a lot of buzz words when it comes to wellness, health and diet options. You may have heard one of those terms, metabolic age.  At Can’t Lose Diet, metabolic age is an indicator of our dieters’ beneficial health outcomes – a before and after measurement just as important as overall weight. That’s because overall weight doesn’t take overall fat ratio into account.

Can’t Lose Diet is a program that helps our dieters lose weight quickly – a consistently proven 20 pounds in forty days. And fat loss is the focus, toxic fat that raises our metabolic age and adds to health issues. Here, we offer a little primer to help kick off the new year thinking in the right way!


What is the significance of my metabolic age?

Metabolic age is based on your basal metabolic rate, otherwise known as BMR. Your BMR is is the quantity of energy it takes for your body to function at a normal level, in comparison with the average amount in your age group.

It’s important to remember that your resting metabolic rate (BMR) is only one insightful measure of your overall health. BMR is a useful measurement for our diet program because it moves the focus away from just weight when dieting. We focus on our dieters’ composition of muscle and fat.

By creating a meal strategy that gets rid of fat quickly, our dieters’ BMRs tend to lower their metabolic age substantially. And that leads to feeling better and more full of energy on a day to day basis.

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Is there any science behind metabolic age?

In general, accurately testing metabolic age includes visceral stomach fat, overall weight, body fat percentage and muscle mass. Typical metabolic age testing accurately takes into account visceral fat around the stomach, weight, muscle mass and percentage body fat.

While like BMI, BMR and metabolic age aren’t the end-all of health indicators. What BMR does is show you a good snapshot comparison to others your age. It’s not a competition, but if your BMR is fairly low, the chances are you have overall high levels in other health indicators.


Does metabolic age matter for my own health?

Muscle burns more than fat, so the less fat you have and the healthier you eat, the lower your metabolic age. An older metabolic age may indicate that there’s improvement to be made in your diet and in your fitness level. Unless it’s an underlying medical condition, a healthy diet that focuses on rapid fat loss can improve not only your metabolic age, but also your everyday health and wellbeing.

If your metabolic age is higher than your actual age, it can be a sign that it’s time to get rid of some of that belly fat. A well-reputed diet program with healthy food as a foundation, like Can’t Lose Diet, can help you with fat loss and enhance your everyday energy levels.

Can you improve your metabolic age?

Yes. A combination of healthy diet and exercise have proven to lower your metabolic age over time. If you’re feeling that extra weight drag you down, it may be time to get some baseline testing to see if you could benefit from a rapid fat loss program.

While lowering your metabolic age isn’t the ultimate goal at Can’t Lose Diet, it is a benefit of our approach. In our program, for instance, you come into our office every 7-10 days to make sure you are burning fat and not losing water. So fat loss is our goal, with a healthy process and meals that help the fat burn away fast.

At the end of the process, you’ll feel better, and your lower metabolic age will be one of the ways we can measure positive outcomes.

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