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DECEMBER 1, 2015  |  7pm
Ground Floor Co-Working
547 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY

Join Us for: “Find Out What You’re Made Of” Free Workshop

CLD_Workshop_HarquinIt used to be about getting on the scale and seeing what you weigh. But does the number on the scale tell the whole story? How do you know if you’re losing fat, water, or muscle?  How many calories is too few? Is it safe to lose weight fast? And there’s a lot of talk now about BMI (Body Mass Index) and Metabolic age. What does it all mean and how do you figure it out?

Pat Hall of Can’t Lose Diet will unlock the secrets with a 20 minute presentation that explains it all, along with a free body scan and report on “what your body is made of”. Once you have your report in hand, Pat will answer questions. You’ll walk out of this free workshop understanding why your body has been stuck for years and how to unlock the fat and release the real you!


Presented by:
Pat Hall of Can’t Lose Diet

Sponsored by:
Harquin Creative Group

Can't Lose Diet Events

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