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Bruce Tucker Interviewed by Sherry Bruck
SB: So we have a mutual friend Thom Kleiner who showed me a photo of you and him campaigning last fall, before you started the Can’t Lose Diet, and to me you didn’t look that heavy. What motivated you to want to lose weight?
BT: Well, the last time I had lost weight was when I was 50 and I did it on my own.

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by Sherry Bruck

Most entrepreneurs would use launching a start-up company as an excuse. “No time” would be the rallying cry for why they can’t eat healthy or lose weight. But not so for Fred Caserta. In the midst of one of the busiest and most exciting times of his life, he chose to add an additional “to do” to his list—drop close to a 100 pounds on The Can’t Lose Diet.

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By Jennifer Mucci-Cruz
as told to Sherry Bruck

Everyone has an “Aha” Moment in their lives and mine was when I woke up on New Year’s Day 2015 and couldn’t walk. I had breathtaking pain due to arthritis and back issues and ended up in Physical Therapy for 6 months.

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Picture of desserts

Once is an Anomaly; Twice is a Coincidence; Three Times is a Pattern!

Sticking to Your Diet During the Holidays
Oh, the holidays! A time of family, love, giving, rest, and, much to a dieter’s (or soon-to-be dieter’s) dismay, food. Lots of food, and lots of good food.

Few people understand the psychological toll the holidays can take on someone trying to shed a few pounds.

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Linda Rey, partner of Rey Insurance Agency in Sleepy Hollow, describes it as the “come to Jesus” moment when she has to bring up the “health issue” to clients when pricing out insurance premiums. 
Insurance is typically considered a dry topic, but Rey is one of those people who can make anything fun.

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 Jackie Celestino, of Eastchester, NY, spent her spring-summer Wednesday nights playing in an after-work golf league with 30 women. Her friend Sherry Bruck had started the Can’t Lose Diet in May right at the beginning of golf season. Week after week, Jackie took note that Bruck wasn’t indulging in the usual post-round cocktail because she was on a strict 40 day fat-burning diet.

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Two years after hip surgery, Franziska Dubac was suffering from swollen ankles that impeded her daily activity and love of walking. A 30 pound weight gain didn’t help with the swollen ankles, and the swollen ankles prevented her from getting her daily walks in to help her get healthy.

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