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by Sherry Bruck

Most entrepreneurs would use launching a start-up company as an excuse. “No time” would be the rallying cry for why they can’t eat healthy or lose weight. But not so for Fred Caserta. In the midst of one of the busiest and most exciting times of his life, he chose to add an additional “to do” to his list—drop close to a 100 pounds on The Can’t Lose Diet.

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Winter Weight Got You Down?
The weather is getting warmer, the sun is staying out longer, and the flowers are starting to peek their heads out. Winter is on its way out and Spring is knocking on the door, and many of us are feeling the desire to lose our winter weight fast. Warmer weather is right around the corner, and there are any number of reasons to want to lose that excess fat.

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Can't Lose Diet Westchester NY

At Can’t Lose Diet, we love inspirational stories. Here is a throwback article from 2014 about a teacher who didn’t like her body or how she felt and decided to do something about it. It goes to show you, what you eat is the most important factor in fat loss but a little exercise never hurts!

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Fast Weight loss diet Westchester NY

Does Healthy Weight Loss Matter?

There are so many diet programs available in Westchester NY today. It seems you cannot avoid the endless TV and radio commercials where celebrity dieters boast about losing 50 lbs. on this fad diet, or that “cleanse”. They all claim to get the job done, but choosing among them can be daunting and confusing for many dieters.

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Once is an Anomaly; Twice is a Coincidence; Three Times is a Pattern!

Sticking to Your Diet During the Holidays
Oh, the holidays! A time of family, love, giving, rest, and, much to a dieter’s (or soon-to-be dieter’s) dismay, food. Lots of food, and lots of good food.

Few people understand the psychological toll the holidays can take on someone trying to shed a few pounds.

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Two years ago I started on a fitness program with my friend and trainer Karen Pilote of Get Fit Over 40. I’ll never forget her coming to my house and seeing her newly toned and muscled body for which she had worked very hard to start competing in the elite posing world.

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HARRISON, N.Y. — Stuck in a rut with weight gain and lacking motivation to stop it, Cari turned to Pat Hall and her Harrison business, Can’t Lose Diet, in a desperate, and perhaps final, appeal for help.

Cari, who requested not to use her last name, heard Hall’s promise about losing 20 pounds in 40 days. “I wondered, ‘Is this real,’’’ Cari said.

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