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At Can’t Lose Diet, we love inspirational stories. Here is a throwback article from 2014 about a teacher who didn’t like her body or how she felt and decided to do something about it. It goes to show you, what you eat is the most important factor in fat loss but a little exercise never hurts!

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Can’t Lose Diet: Client Feedback 

We wanted to share some our happy clients’ reviews on social media. Most people know it is harder to get a positive review than a negative one. Studies show that customers who suffered a bad interaction were 50% more likely to share it on social media than those who had good experiences with businesses (Dimensional Research, 2013).

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Fast Weight loss diet Westchester NY

Does Healthy Weight Loss Matter?

There are so many diet programs available in Westchester NY today. It seems you cannot avoid the endless TV and radio commercials where celebrity dieters boast about losing 50 lbs. on this fad diet, or that “cleanse”. They all claim to get the job done, but choosing among them can be daunting and confusing for many dieters.

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As Wikipedia states it—“Metabolic age is a reflection of physical health in the form of a calculation based on the base metabolic rate (BMR). If someone’s metabolic age is lower than his or her actual age, it suggests that the body is in good health, while a metabolic age higher than the actual age indicates that someone may be experiencing health problems.”

When I went to Can’t Lose Diet to start my diet program, Pat Hall scanned my body and to my shock my metabolic age was 62 years old with a physique rating of “Overly Fat.” I wasn’t exactly surprised though because I knew I was 30 lbs. over my recommended weight, but I’ve always considered myself an active, sporty person who skis, golfs, bikes, and hikes, so this was a big blow to my self image. How could I, this incredibly active person have 38.5% body fat with 67 lbs. of fat on my 5’5” frame?

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