I Do All the Right Things

by Sherry Bruck

Some of us don’t do the right things, so the fact that we are overweight is no surprise. But some of us do. Like me. I’ve always worked out, walked the golf course, skiied, biked, ate healthy, counted calories—but my body just didn’t cooperate. Months dragged on where I would lose one lousy pound every 2 weeks and then as soon as I took my foot off the gas, the pounds would pile back on within a month. They say it’s not healthy to lose weight fast, but wow no one talks about how easy, and unhealthy it is to GAIN weight fast.

I would lament to my husband Fred about how hard I work for so little result, for which he nodded absent-mindedly, really not believing in my herculean effort. Then I would accept the rationalization that it’s the beauty within that’s important. My friends and family love the inner me. It doesn’t matter than I can’t find a dress to wear to the wedding that makes me feel fantastic. It doesn’t matter that none of my clothes fit well and that I don’t feel confident at the super important business presentation. It’s no big deal that even though I spin like a maniac and can cycle forever, my bike shorts are getting tighter. It seemed to be my lot in life to be overweight so why not just eat and accept my body type even though I was deep down dissatisfied and unhappy.

But now that I’ve discovered the “Can’t Lose Diet” I feel hope. I’m on day 32 of my 40 day journey and I’ve lost 17 pounds. I finally understand why all the other efforts didn’t succeed and I’m learning so much about myself. Pat has designed a program that put my body into high octane “fat-burning mode” eating all natural, organic food. I’m taking supplements that are getting my hormones back into balance and clearing out the toxins and I feel energy like never before.

I’m in the home stretch headed toward a 3 week maintenance period and I’m excited to finally have a plan to keep off the fat forever. This time is it…I can feel it!