I’m Married to a Man 18 Years Younger than Me

by Sherry Bruck

Riddle of the Day: I’ve been married to the same man for 32 years. When we married in 1983 we were the same age, but now he is 18 years younger than me. How old is he? How old am I?

If you’re confused I can understand why, but it’s not our chronological age I’m talking about. It’s our metabolic age. You may have heard this term being bantered around health circles lately and basically it’s another way to say someone is unhealthy (or overweight).

As Wikipedia states it—“Metabolic age is a reflection of physical health in the form of a calculation based on the base metabolic rate (BMR). If someone’s metabolic age is lower than his or her actual age, it suggests that the body is in good health, while a metabolic age higher than the actual age indicates that someone may be experiencing health problems.”

When I went to Can’t Lose Diet to start my diet program, Pat Hall scanned my body and to my shock my metabolic age was 62 years old with a physique rating of “Overly Fat.” I wasn’t exactly surprised though because I knew I was 30 lbs. over my recommended weight, but I’ve always considered myself an active, sporty person who skis, golfs, bikes, and hikes, so this was a big blow to my self image. How could I, this incredibly active person have 38.5% body fat with 67 lbs. of fat on my 5’5” frame?

Then to rub salt in the wound, Fred went in for a scan and his metabolic age is 44 with a 21.9% body fat with 39.4 lbs. of fat on a 6’2” frame. Pat was incredulous, as she had never had such a healthy scan. Fred came home puffed up like a peacock of course. He’s always worked out, plays hockey and eats very healthy, not necessarily because he has to but because he actually wants to.  I was bummed. He’s the one with the grey hair, but I had the older body. I knew I needed to burn the fat off this chubby body permanently!

Pat put me on a very strict, all-organic diet with vitamin supplements that put me into high octane fat-burning mode and I’m happy to report, after 23 days, my metabolic age has already dropped to 56 which is much closer to my actual age. I’m feeling healthier and happier already just being 13 lbs. lighter! I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when I reach my my goal of 30 lbs., but I’m excited to actually look like the athletic person I envision in my minds eye. And of course be younger than Fred!