“Real Food” Is Cheaper than Junk Food

1.MLK-PorkScallopini-1People use the excuse that it’s more expensive to eat healthy, but I find it to be cheaper by far. For one, I’m not eating the same quantities of food, so a frozen package of veal scallopini for $25. from ‪#‎Costco‬ goes much farther. I divided it into 10 baggies, and put it in the freezer. Tonight I’ll thaw the cutlets, add spices, lemon, garlic. Grill for 4 minutes. Add some fresh steamed mushrooms and bam I’m eating healthy for less than $4.00. Deciding to eat healthy is not about the cost, it’s about doing the grocery shopping and having the ingredients in the house!

Eating in is faster (and cheaper) than eating out. Yesterday I grilled shrimp from a frozen Costco bag I bought over the weekend. Sprinkled it with spices and lemon and put in the broiler for 6 minutes. I emptied a 6 oz. bag of spinach in a pot with a bit of water, salt and garlic. Cooked that up for 5 minutes. 6 minutes later put the shrimp on top of the spinach and voila a satisfying and healthy meal.

Way faster, healthier, and cheaper than heading out to the deli or restaurant!