Cooking with Claudette

It’s a surprise to people when they hear that not all veggies promote fat-loss. When Can’t Lose Dieters are in Fat-Burning Mode they are limited to a restricted list of tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, radishes, mushrooms, fennel, cabbage, cucumbers. Typical favorites like brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini, peppers, are no no’s when in the 40 day fat-burning phase which always raises an eyebrow. It can be confusing but not all food groups and calories are created equal which is why a lot of people who try to lose weight on their own by counting calories fail.

Like retired teacher, Claudette D’Arco of Eastchester, NY.

“I’m in Florida for the winter and I had gained 20 pounds. I’m short so that extra weight makes a big difference on my frame. My nephews engagement party was coming up in August and the dress I planned on wearing had become snug. I tried to count calories on my own and just couldn’t lose it. Nothing was working,” recounts Claudette.

“Then one day I was on Facebook when Can’t Lose Diet came up on the newsfeed as a new business opening up in Mamaroneck. I researched it and when I got home from Florida I gave owner Pat Hall a call and signed up right away. I started on June 1st.”

Claudette is Italian so socializing around the dinner table and food is a celebrated part of her  culture. How would she handle the preparation of meals and all of the social situations that are a part of her daily life.

Her first step was to utilize her talent in the kitchen by inventing new ways to reformulate her favorite dishes within the limited choice of foods allowed on the Can’t Lose Diet.

“Luckily I was able to eat tomatoes on the Can’t Lose Diet. Tomatoes saved my life! For example I would take a veal chop and brown it with garlic and then add fresh tomatoes and let it cook very slowly,” says Claudette. “It’s called Pizzaiola and basically it means cooking anything with fresh tomatoes. Another recipe I created was my own shrimp cocktail sauce. I bought sugar-free ketchup, mixed in a bit of horseradish, added lemon juice, Worcester sauce, salt and pepper and would dip in my portion of 3.5 ounces of shrimp.” The next challenge was the socializing with family and friends.

“I avoided social activities as much as possible while in the fat-burning phase of the diet. In my mind it’s only 40 days which is really not that long. I love to cook and I ate at home as much as possible.” says Claudette.

“But I did go to a few gatherings. I would eat at home first before going and would drink my water at the event. It sounds extreme but I wanted to succeed and I knew I had to be vigilant for the diet to work.”

“My friends and family were very supportive, but I have to admit they were incredulous at the lengths I would go to. Like one time I remember going out to dinner with a friend of mine, and I brought my own salad dressing. My friend said “I can’t believe you’re doing this!” But I was determined to get back into my clothes,” says Claudette.

“Now going forward I have strategies for how I’ll keep the weight off. I love pizza so I designate Friday as pizza day as a treat. Once a week and that will be it.”

It’s hard and I feel for anybody who is very heavy and struggling. Before I started Can’t Lose Diet I would weigh myself and all the scale did was go up and up and up! I went to my nephews engagement party on August 1st and I wore the dress I bought and received a lot of nice compliments from my relatives. I want to lose a few more pounds this fall and I’m confident that it won’t take long because I know what how my body works and what to do. No diet is easy, but this one really works

1)    Veal Chop

2)    Shrimp cocktail

3)    Beef broth ice cubes

4)    Smoothie

5)    Mango/tomato salad

6)    Pineapple and whipped cream