Don’t Wait – Defy the Odds and Lose the Weight in Westchester!

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Once is an Anomaly; Twice is a Coincidence; Three Times is a Pattern!


Sticking to Your Diet During the Holidays

Oh, the holidays! A time of family, love, giving, rest, and, much to a dieter’s (or soon-to-be dieter’s) dismay, food. Lots of food, and lots of good food.

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Few people understand the psychological toll the holidays can take on someone trying to shed a few pounds. The stress of travelling to see family and spending time with loved ones can be overshadowed by the anxiety that comes with the expectation of stuffing oneself.

Most people simply dismiss the notion of beginning a diet regimen until after the holidays, which can be problematic because the average American gains 5-10 pounds during the holiday season!


Holiday Dieting Success with Can’t Lose Diet

At Can’t Lose Diet, three of our current dieters defied the odds by starting in November and sticking to the program steadfastly – with fantastic results to show for their efforts!

  • Cindy lost 4.8 lbs. during Thanksgiving week alone – and came in at a 30.8 lb. loss on Christmas morning;
  • Carolyn shed 4.0 lbs. during Thanksgiving week – and registered a 26.6 lb. drop to date;
  • Angela racked up a 4.8 lb. loss during Thanksgiving week and has lost 21.0 pounds — and is just beginning!

If that’s not something to express holiday cheer for, I’m not sure what is.

Hip, Hip, Hooray!