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Can’t Lose Diet: Client Feedback 

We wanted to share some our happy clients’ reviews on social media. Most people know it is harder to get a positive review than a negative one. Studies show that customers who suffered a bad interaction were 50% more likely to share it on social media than those who had good experiences with businesses (Dimensional Research, 2013). So thank you to our brave clients who took the plunge, decided to get healthy and then shared their experience on Facebook!


Denise Forte Beniamino reviewed Can’t Lose Diet — 5 star
December 11, 2015 · 

I met Pat Hall in September. Her diet and personality changed my life! I could not get rid of my belly fat and was feeling very uncomfortable and depressed. Her diet plan and kind face and encouragement just worked for me when nothing else has. I now carry around an insulated bag and plan my meals and snacks for the day. My friends and family actually look forward to me having “snacks” in my bag to nibble on. I feel wonderful and people tell me I look wonderful. I could not have done it without Pat Hall. If you are considering a “new way of life” (I would not call it a diet) then this is it! Thank you Pat. You have forever changed my life! And thank you to the girls at Lake Isle for introducing me to her.


Linda Rey reviewed Can’t Lose Diet — 5 star
December 12, 2015 · 

I was terrified to start this plan! I have an active social and business life, but I plunged into it. I arranged my schedule to plan for appointments that would NOT be around meals. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the food list and adapted to the schedule, the structure and the system. The first four days were the hardest, but Pat is incredibly supportive and helps you along the way so you don’t suffer and you feel strong to continue to meet your goals. I felt fantastic. Slept like I have never slept, felt focused and had so much energy. PLEASE, if you are feeling like you want to do something to look and feel better, try this. You will be amazed at the results!!!!


Sherry Shibley Bruck reviewed Can’t Lose Diet — 5 star
June 30, 2015 · 

I lost 20 pounds in 40 days exactly. I could have done even better but I was a bit too lax about eating out and not controlling my food. Once I realized I was wasting precious fat-burning time I stopped going out to eat and just cooked my own food and the fat just melted off. Now I’m on maintenance and have stabilized at a 24 pound loss. My ultimate goal is 30 pounds and I am 100% confident I’ll get there because I now understand my body and what I need to do. Exercise is great, but it’s really more about what you are feeding yourself. Pat was and still is completely supportive and there for me. I’ve feel so successful and like a new person. Not only because of the lost fat, but the energy I feel from having gotten rid of all the toxins in my body. I’m addicted to feeling good.


We are thrilled that so many people in Westchester have decided to go for it, lose fat quickly and feel wonderful. Check here for more information on how the Can’t Lose Diet weight loss program targets stored fat:

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