Why The Can’t Lose Diet is Different from Every Other Diet Program in Westchester

Healthy Diet Westchester NY


Healthy Diet Westchester NY


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In this post we’re sharing some information about the unique effectiveness of The Can’t Lose Lose Diet. In addition, we’ve compiled some interesting metrics that show our program is more cost effective than some of the popular national diet plans.

The Can’t Lose Diet is different from every other diet program because of three key elements:


  1. It uses RF Technology to scan an individual body for 2,200 biomarkers. The result of the 20-30 minute no-radiation scan is a report that indicates what would bring the body into better balance. We use this information to customize a program that is unique to each individual.


  1. We create an individualized diet of all natural foods from an approved list of proteins, vegetables and fruits that promote fat loss. The entire program is focused on fat loss because that is permanent weight loss (as opposed to water or muscle loss).


  1. The result is a guaranteed 20-pound weight loss in just 40 days – all healthy, safe and effective. Clients experience no hunger or cravings, and no exercise is needed beyond normal walking.



The below Diet Comparison Chart accompanied a published article (MoneyCentral/MSN) reporting the results of a journalist’s independent investigation into the cost of losing 30 pounds. The primary difference between the four top diet programs investigated (Jenny Craig, NutriSystem Weight Watchers and The Zone) and the Can’t Lose Diet is that:


  • It takes only 40 days for the typical Can’t Lose Dieter to shed 30 lbs. – it takes between 5 – 7½ months to lose on the other programs


  • The Can’t Lose Diet focuses on burning fat, primarily that abnormal fat that is hard to get rid of – whereas the listed diets involve NO fat burning at all


  • We use all natural foods in the program – while the others use frozen and boxed food, all with “questionable ingredients” and/or artificial additives


  • Every Can’t Lose Diet program is specifically customized to address each dieter’s individual needs – in fact, each diet plan is as unique and personal as your fingerprint!


  • The cost of the Can’t Lose Diet program is the best of the bunch on a cost-per-pound-lost basis


  • We guarantee that, if you stick to the plan, you will lose a minimum of 20 lbs. in 40 days!


  • Once the 40 days of rapid weight loss has been completed, we provide you with the tools and guidance to make sure you never regain the weight again!

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Why Can't Lose Diet is Different

Diet Comparison Chart: Why Can’t Lose Diet is Different


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