Diet & Weight Management in Westchester NY: The Holiday Foods Naughty List


Avoid These Holiday Food Traps in Westchester NY



Thanksgiving has passed, along with the temptations and joys of that cherished holiday. As Christmas and Hanukkah approach, we find it useful to take a clinical look at some of the foods we put into our bodies over the the holidays. We all deserve a reward for a year of good work and family, but it is useful to have a real grasp of what we are eating during these celebratory times. Here is an informative article from Web MD:

‘Tis the season of tasty foods. The average person puts on a pound during the holidays. And if you’re on a special diet because you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, holiday dishes can be especially tricky. But you can enjoy yourself and make good choices, if you know which items are naughty and nice.