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  • Maria N.
  • White Plains, NY

I have only been mildly successful with other diets and after eating my way through a couple major losses in my life I decided I had to take control of my life. I knew I had to jump start a healthy eating plan and came across this plan and Pat Hall. My motivation was high but Pat helped encourage me through this journey. After 40 days I was down 22lbs and most of it was pure fat. The amazing thing is that I never felt hungry or had food cravings. Throughout the time I had to live life – which meant eating out and lots of challenges, but with the tools I was given, I tried to make the healthiest choices. Now 6 weeks later I have continued to lose  even while eating 3 times what I was eating before for a total of 29.8lbs!! Aside from feeling better, I am sleeping better as well. My doctor said I had picture perfect blood results and every pound lost is like taking 4 pounds of weight/pressure off my arthritic knees – 120lbs!!!! I can’t thank Pat enough for helping me through this.

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Nancy G. reviewed Can’t Lose Diet — 5 star

April 12 ·

I can’t say enough great things about the Can’t Lose Diet. I am proud to say that I lost 26.6 lbs and 17 lbs of toxic fat while on the diet. It is a diet that is easy to follow. Pat Hall is very encouraging and a great support while on the diet. She always got back to me right away with any questions that I had. She is very knowledgable about the diet and taught me how to look at nutrition labels differently. I never realized how much sugar I was actually eating! This diet makes you feel good on the inside and out. While getting compliments on my weight loss, I was also complimented on how I was glowing. I attribute that to the diet and my new learned way of eating healthy and not being afraid to eat fat! This is a diet that works, you need to stick to it and literally the fat will melt right off, you WILL BE AMAZED! I know I was!!

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Marina Honig

Marina H.
2 reviews
3 months ago
Let me start by saying that I have lost 24 lbs on Can’t lose diet. It’s has been about 1 month (more than that if you count the reset phase of the diet) and I haven’t gained it back. My body used eating healthy foods and stopped craving sugars. I can honestly say that I don’t want cake anymore (yay!). Initially I came in very sceptical about the whole thing but my friend lost so much weight that I had to try. It is a commitment though, I didn’t cheat at all. Pat was there with me every step of the way, always available. Love my new body!!! Thank you Pat! Marina.

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