My “Aha!” Moment

By Jennifer Mucci-Cruz
as told to Sherry Bruck

Everyone has an “Aha” Moment in their lives and mine was when I woke up on New Year’s Day 2015 and couldn’t walk. I had breathtaking pain due to arthritis and back issues and ended up in Physical Therapy for 6 months. I got really scared because for every 10 pounds of excess weight a person carries, the spinal cord absorbs the pressure, and at that time I was heading north of 300 pounds. I knew my weight would affect my condition and that spurred my decision to take action and lose it for good!

I’ve never been a skinny person – even at a young age I was a size 12-14 – so my goal has never included being model thin. I started seeing a weight loss coach weekly who helped me achieve a 120 pound loss my first year. But then the scale screeched to a halt. I hit a plateau that was impossible to get past. I was eating under 1000 calories a day, working out like a fiend, diligently going to my weekly weigh in appointments, but no matter what I did, my body was stuck and wouldn’t budge for over 8 months. I didn’t give up but was getting extremely frustrated.

Seeing my dilemma, my good friend Christine told me “you have got to see Pat Hall at Can’t Lose Diet. She can help you start losing again.” I’m a loyal person and I felt guilty switching to another program, but I finally relented and went to see Pat. Right away, the Can’t Lose Diet Program kicked me into burning fat. My first 40-day cycle on the program, I lost 38 pounds, of which 24.4 pounds was fat.

The program completely changed my metabolism and I think the major difference is the Resonant Frequency Technology (RFT). The RFT scans your body and formulates drops that are customized for each individual to improve body chemistry. My body became a fat-burning furnace and, while not revealing the numbers, I will tell you I’m now 10 pounds away from a major milestone that I sent for myself back in 2015 – and that is so exciting!

I’m so grateful to the weight loss coach who got me started on the path to healthier living and I’m glad I came to Pat already having begun the weight loss journey. My husband of 23 years is ecstatic for me. He tells me “if anyone deserves this, it’s you. You work so hard and do everything right.”

I’m not done yet, though. The Can’t Lose Diet guarantees a 20 pound loss for every 40 day cycle plus a 3 week reset period. I’m now on my second round of losing, down 9.6 pounds in 14 days and figure I have two more rounds to go to get to my end goal. I have cleaned out my closet 4 times since 2015 and kept a couple of old pairs of pants so that when I finally get to my resting weight, I’ll know how far I’ve come.

There are so many people out there like me who are doing all the right things – eating clean, counting calories, working out—and they are just stuck and frustrated and have given up. I wish I hadn’t waited and gone to Pat sooner!