Entrepreneur Fred Caserta Rescues Himself on the Can’t Lose Diet

by Sherry Bruck

Most entrepreneurs would use launching a start-up company as an excuse. “No time” would be the rallying cry for why they can’t eat healthy or lose weight. But not so for Fred Caserta. In the midst of one of the busiest and most exciting times of his life, he chose to add an additional “to do” to his list—drop close to a 100 pounds on The Can’t Lose Diet.


Fred is a graphic designer whose first major success was in the video game industry as the lead graphic designer for the first U.S. release of Grand Theft Auto. He aspired to be a successful entrepreneur gobbling up autobiographies like Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and following social media phenom Gary Vaynerchuck. He felt he was destined to invent something that would change people’s lives, and told himself if someone else can invent something, why couldn’t he? He kept that dream fueled and came up with the concept of a virtual training platform for first responders, branding it Fire Rescue VR Simulator.

“My two partners, who are themselves first responders, and I came up with an idea to help those who work in hazardous environments. I designed a computerized fully-furnished house that firefighters can run training exercises within—from the basic and mundane to severe life threatening situations—all in a safe virtual environment. The technology we’re pioneering WILL help save many lives in the future,” says Fred enthusiastically.

Fred has 3 Aha moments!

Fred is open and easy to talk to and Fred’s passion for his start-up naturally parlayed to how he got motivated to lose weight on the Can’t Lose Diet.

“A few things happened that really scared me. I was traveling to Austin and I wanted to do something fun so I went on a cavern tour. I was so mesmerized with the beauty and illuminations, I didn’t realize we had descended the equivalent of 6 stories. When the tour concluded the tour guide directed us to head back up and pointed to the stairs. I was like ‘What??? Where’s the elevator?’ By the time I got to the top I felt like I was at the brink of having a stroke or dying,” tells Fred.

“Another wake-up call was when I buckling up for a flight and I couldn’t get the buckle done up without forcing it to the maximum length. That was an Ah Hah moment,” he adds.

“But my third big turning point was riding one of those big multi-loop rollercoasters with my kids. A loud alarm buzzer went off when the attendant tried to pull the safety mechanism over my head and said I was too big for the ride. I had to get off and shamefully walk past the long line of people. Today’s rollercoasters are made for big people so that was really embarrassing for me.”

“I had all of these poignant moments occurring one after the other and I finally woke up. I knew I had to lose weight not only for myself, but my kids,” Fred reveals.

So how did Fred find the Can’t Lose Diet?

“I was driving down the Hutchinson Parkway and I saw a Can’t Lose Diet highway sign. I had a friend who had luck with the diet and so it caught my eye. The first few days were a challenge but Pat was completely responsive to all my texts and questions.”

Pat Hall, owner of Can’t Lose Diet, customizes the program for every dieter with the primary/key customization coming from the comprehensive body scan that details what will bring the body into better balance for improved digestive functioning.

“I also customize the food plan for each individual, based on their individual eating habits, likes and dislikes. For Fred, he had a feeling of overwhelming hunger over those first two weeks on the program, so I just had him eat, eat, EAT from the list of approved food items until he felt full. His initial feelings of hunger were most likely a combination of sugar withdrawal symptoms but also psychological fear of deprivation. Fred ended up losing 26.2 lbs. on the program, including an amazing 17.4 lbs. of toxic fat,” explains Pat.

Right now Fred has just embarked on Round 2 where his goal is to lose another 60-70 pounds.

“I lost 25 pounds in Round 1 which lasted 40 days. I’m ready for Round 2 and I’m not anxious or worried about it this time. I embrace it because I know only good things are going to happen. I can’t say enough good things about Pat and her diet.”

“In February I was pushing 295. I’m south of 260. There’s no doubt that if I feel better about myself I come across better to other people. And given I’m launching a new company and looking for investors, confidence in myself is extremely important,” concludes Fred. “I’m on an upward spiral!”


In 1992, Sherry Bruck co-founded Harquin Creative Group, a brand strategy and marketing communications firm based in White Plains. For more than 25 years, she has helped health care organizations, government agencies, nonprofits and businesses propel their brand with breakthrough campaigns. Sherry was also one of Pat Hall’s clients and lost 20 pounds in 40 days on the Can’t Lose Diet in 2015.