Remote Learning, Remote Work—How About Remote Dieting?

By Sherry Bruck

Many of us spent the months of March/April/May 2020 self-isolating, streaming our favorite shows, and comfort eating to make ourselves feel better about our COVID situation. But while the rest of us were indulging, Hollie West bucked the trend and decided to use her quarantine circumstances to get healthy. In the previous year she had moved to Nashville, TN for a new job and new life as a golf membership director and during that stressful time she had packed on more pounds than she considered healthy. She felt heavy and unhappy so Hollie decided to take action and emailed Sherry Bruck, her NY golf buddy, because she remembered the summer Sherry lost 20 pounds in 40 days on the Can’t Lose Diet (CLD).

“I emailed Sherry because I literally watched her melt away before my eyes that summer in 2015 on the Can’t Lose Diet. We played in a weekly golf league so I witnessed it first hand,” tells Hollie West. “But I had since moved away so I wondered how the diet would work remotely. She assured me that Can’t Lose Diet’s owner, Pat Hall, had successfully worked remotely with other dieters so I gave her a call.”

So how did it work? First Pat shipped Hollie the resonant frequency scanning hand cradle which plugged into her computer’s USB port. This allowed Pat to remotely perform the body scan that creates the diet formula that supplements the body during the fat-burning period. The formula is crucial for staying in fat-burning mode for the 40 days of the reduction phase.

“I have to admit I was skeptical of electromagnetic pulses creating a customized diet formula for my body, but I thought, what do I know? Without the formula, the body would be thinking, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m getting less than 1,000 calories a day and I’ve got to start shutting down because I’m not getting enough food.’ As I got started on the diet, I was surprised at how good I felt,” states Hollie.

Another component of the diet are the weekly weigh-ins on a scale that measures much more than just body weight. It tracks fat, water content, Body Mass Index (BMI), metabolic age, bone density and more. To make sure Hollie got the full benefit of the weekly weigh-ins and coaching sessions, Pat recommended Hollie purchase a scale called Fit Tracker which displays all the variables the diet needs. It also links to a phone app which stores and tracks data.

Hollie stuck to the plan and quickly lost weight getting back down to a number she’s satisfied with. She’s back to feeling fit and healthy, and is extremely happy with her new job as membership director at Westhaven Golf Club as she gets to meet a lot of people and do what she loves—golf!

“The beauty of the CLD diet is that it is so structured with a very specific eating list and instructions. While the diet is restrictive, that works for my personality rather than just “cutting back” as that’s a slippery slope. Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it. I have to say it was really not as difficult as it looked on paper, and I felt pretty good the whole time. Pat is incredibly supportive and she guided me through the process with weekly phone calls and check in texts,” concludes Hollie.