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Craving some noodles? Trick your brain into believing you are OD’ing on noodles, while in reality you are stuffing yourself with zucchini spirals coated in a chicken, sesame-almond butter sauce.

– Grill 4 oz. chicken
– Use Vegetti to spiral 2 green and/or yellow zucchini’s. Boil zuccini for 2 minutes. Drain.
– Saute garlic, onion in a pan in coconut oil
– Add 1 cup of vegetable broth.

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#‎WhatsforBreakfast‬ Breakfast is typically toast, a bagel, croissant, donut all grabbed on the run which leaves me hungry with starch cravings all day long. Instead start the day with 2 poached eggs, sprinkled with some cheddar cheese and to take the place of toast fill your plate with colorful veggies. It’s a great habit to regularly replace carbs with lots of vegetables…

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Today it’s our version of Thai Chicken with Spinach & Mushrooms. Can be served like a soup or plated for dinner. Here’s how to do it:
– coat chicken in coconut oil with salt, pepper, and dash of red pepper
– saute chicken and mushrooms in a pan
– steam spinach, garlic, and onions in a pot with about 3/4 cup water. Salt and pepper.

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We assume that all advances in life are for the better. Faster computing power. Smarter phones. Cars that navigate. Apps that anticipate. Medicine that cures. New technology steadily disrupts old paradigms, making life new and improved. But there’s one very vital and necessary aspect of our lives that has not improved.

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People use the excuse that it’s more expensive to eat healthy, but I find it to be cheaper by far. For one, I’m not eating the same quantities of food, so a frozen package of veal scallopini for $25. from ‪#‎Costco‬ goes much farther. I divided it into 10 baggies, and put it in the freezer. Tonight I’ll thaw the cutlets, add spices, lemon, garlic. Grill for 4 minutes. Add some fresh steamed mushrooms and bam I’m eating healthy for less than $4.00. Deciding to eat healthy is not about the cost, it’s about doing the grocery shopping and having the ingredients in the house!

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