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We’ve often extolled the health and nutritional virtues of avocados. They’re delicious, versatile, and packed with nutrients to help our bodies. That includes helping us lose weight, specifically that excess belly fat, more quickly.

Here we present an article from Medical News Today that goes further in depth into the substantial benefits of incorporating avocado into your daily diet.

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I’ve been in maintenance mode since the end of July and have successfully stabilized my initial weight loss while managing to drop even a few more bringing my total to 37 pounds. It has been a journey with unexpected twists and turns, as promised by the Can’t Lose Diet philosophy. I remember Pat Hall saying that my body would reset and stop craving the foods that make me gain weight.

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It’s a surprise to people when they hear that not all veggies promote fat-loss. When Can’t Lose Dieters are in Fat-Burning Mode they are limited to a restricted list of tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, radishes, mushrooms, fennel, cabbage, cucumbers.

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Today it’s our version of Thai Chicken with Spinach & Mushrooms. Can be served like a soup or plated for dinner. Here’s how to do it:
– coat chicken in coconut oil with salt, pepper, and dash of red pepper
– saute chicken and mushrooms in a pan
– steam spinach, garlic, and onions in a pot with about 3/4 cup water. Salt and pepper.

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We assume that all advances in life are for the better. Faster computing power. Smarter phones. Cars that navigate. Apps that anticipate. Medicine that cures. New technology steadily disrupts old paradigms, making life new and improved. But there’s one very vital and necessary aspect of our lives that has not improved.

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