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The Can’t Lose Diet Process

The Can’t Lose Diet’s targeted approach guarantees 20-40 or more pounds
of weight loss in only 40 days by targeting stored fat.
In-person and remote dieting available!

Our personal weight loss solution is customized for each individual. Whether you're a remote dieter or in-person, your program includes:

  1. FDA-cleared Resonant Frequency (RF) Technology

    We use amazing FDA-cleared Resonant Frequency (RF) Technology to assess how to balance the body, customize our natural solutions and create a specific program for each person’s individual needs. This helps the body start burning 2000-6000 calories of its own toxic fat for fuel.

    1. The body-balancing scan will:
        - Focus on nearly every factor for Fat Burning, Storage, and Metabolism.
        - Balance your Hormones, Body Chemistry and Nutritional Needs.
        - Clear away the Toxins and other Stressors like Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites.
  2. Hormone Balancing Enables Your Body to Heal Itself

    You are on a hormone-balancing diet that uses all natural foods and supplements that allow your body to heal itself, from the inside out.

  3. Supervised Program & Regular Monitoring

    We monitor you every step of the way. Local dieters come into our office every week to make sure you are burning fat and not losing water. water. Remote dieters across the USA stay connected and engaged via weekly phone (or video) meetings and 24/7 texting. Our dedicated staff is standing by to help you succeed, so that if you have any questions or issues, you can contact us at any time.

  4. Teaches You How to Keep the Weight Off For Life!

    Once you have lost the weight, we work with you throughout the maintenance period to establish a new weight set point, which is the key to making sure you do not put the weight back on. This vital 3-week period stabilizes your body, locks in your weight loss and resets your metabolism.

Our maintenance techniques at the end of the program ensure
the weight lost in the 40-day period stays off forever.

  • We will reset your body weight set point so that you can maintain your weight loss over time.
  • We will give you a personalized calorie count that is specifically calculated for your body type.
  • We will give you 10 different eating tools so you know exactly how to eat if you are even 2-3 pounds over your end-of-program weight.
  • We will also do a scan at the end of the program that tells you which foods you show a biological preference for.
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