Can’t Lose Diet is Westchester’s Top Diet & Weight Loss Program.

Remote Dieting & Virtual Consultations Also Available.

See What People are Saying:

This diet changed my life. I started the program scared about restricting myself and my diet but Pat showed me how to find foods I liked while I burned fat and lost weight.

Lila Seidenberg

I love this program so much! And Pat is one of the reasons why I’ve been so successful each time. Her warmth, compassion and knowledge is truly inspiring.

Renelle Simmonds

Do not miss this fantastic Diet lost 18 lbs with the help of Pat one of the nicest person you will ever meet, always smiling. The diet is easy to follow you eat healthy food and the fat will melt, You won’t regret it.

Ethnika Rabie

I don't even recognize my body in the mirror. Run, don't walk. All you will lose are pounds and fat on the Cant Lose Diet!

Jax Rothchild

Our 40-day personal weight loss solution is customized for each individual.

There are no hormones, no artificial ingredients, no processed foods, and no exercise required – only pure, healthy foods.

Dieters are never hungry as stubborn fat just melts away!

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How Does it Work?

We use Biocommunication Technology to customize a program that is unique to each individual. Then, we create an individualized diet of all natural foods from an approved list of proteins, vegetables and fruits that promote fat loss.

We monitor you every step of the way, whether you’re a local or remote dieter. Our dedicated staff is standing by to help you succeed, so that if you have any questions or issues, you can contact us at any time.

How is the Can’t Lose Diet Different from Other Diet Programs?

We Support You During the Program and After You Lose The Weight

Let’s face it. You know why you’re here. Most diets only work temporarily for a few reasons:

  • They don’t target fat loss, just weight loss. So your metabolism doesn’t change enough to keep the weight off.

    The Can’t Lose Diet targets toxic fat stored in your mid-section and other hard-to-reach areas where stubborn fat lingers.

  • Other diets are just not sustainable – after you get off their plan, you regain the weight.

    Once you’ve lost the weight, we work with you throughout the reset period to establish a new weight set point, which is the key to making sure you don’t put the weight back on. This vital 3-week period stabilizes your body, locks in your weight loss and resets your metabolism.

Watch our 2-minute introduction video:


What results can I expect from the Can't Lose Diet program?

The average weight loss for women is 24.7 lbs. and for men, it’s 34.2 lbs.

We will reset your body weight set point so that you can maintain your weight loss over time.

We will give you a personalized calorie count that is specifically calculated for your body type.

We will give you 10 different eating tools so you know exactly how to eat if you are even 2-3 pounds over your end-of-program weight.

We will also do a scan at the end of the program that tells you which foods you show a biological preference for.

Do I have to live near Westchester County to do the program?

In-person and remote dieting is available!

Local dieters come into our office every week to make sure you are burning fat and not losing water.

Remote dieters across the USA stay connected and engaged via weekly phone (or video) meetings and 24/7 texting.

We’re here to support you!

What Kinds of people have gone through the program?

Over 800 dieters across the USA have passed through the program, from as far away as CA, FL, TX, CO and MA.

Dieters include a state supreme court justice, military and law enforcement officials, a French model, entertainment and celebrity figures, dozens of business CEOs, numerous Government officials, over four dozen couples, 38 mother daughter teams, over two-dozen licensed nutritionists and five medical doctors.

The oldest dieter was 75, the youngest 14 (under her mother’s supervision).

20% are male and most dieters are 35-55 years old.

What foods are in the Program?

The foods on the program target and neutralize toxic fat due to their intrinsic nutritional properties.

We provide an individualized plan based on your body’s specific needs. All foods and meals are from an approved list of proteins, fruits and veggies that burn fat.

All foods are readily available at your local grocery store. Everything else you need to lose the weight and burn the fat is included in the program.

Contact us for more specifics!

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