Can’t Lose Diet Is Dedicated to Supporting You.

Can’t Lose Diet are not one, but many people.

We are committed to promoting good health, learning better eating habits and achieving a healthy weight level for your body. Why? Because you are unique.

Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, you are an individual unlike anyone else, and the Can’t Lose Diet works specifically to promote your optimum health and well-being. It doesn’t end there, however.

Following the Can’t Lose Diet means you are making healthy food choices and purchasing locally-sourced products whenever available.

Help raise awareness for better healthy living as you engage in improving the overall health of the community.

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See What People are Saying:

In total, I’ve lost 25+ pounds. Besides transforming my body, this program helped me to transform my lifestyle and mentality towards food. I am grateful for the fun and professional delivery of this program, thank you Pat!

Thomas Reilly

Like most I was absolutely skeptical at first. Overall I lost 22lbs in 40 days. The program is very straight forward and Pat is lovely. If you stick with it, not only will you loose the weight and fat, you will be healthier overall. It will create better eating habits and food choices for your body to help you maintain and keep off the weight.

Elizabeth Bartmann

Our Dieters

Over 800 dieters across the USA have passed through the program, from as far away as CA, FL, TX, CO and MA.

They include a state supreme court justice, a French model, entertainment and celebrity figures, dozens of business CEOs, numerous Government officials, over four dozen couples, 38 mother daughter teams, over two-dozen licensed nutritionists and five medical doctors.

The oldest dieter was 75, the youngest 14 (under her mother’s supervision). 20% are male and most dieters are 35-55 years old.

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Ready to Start Your Transformation?

Our dieters’ stories can be your success story in just 40 days. Imagine wearing clothes you haven’t worn in years, reducing medications, feeling renewed vitality and having energy that just wasn’t there last month?

Today is Day One. Start your Success Story.