The Can’t Lose Diet Program Explained

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Biocommunication Technology

The program uses Biocommunication Technology to scan the body for 2,200 biomarkers that make for good health, effective digestive functioning, and natural weight loss.

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Individualized Just For You

The result of the 20-30 minute no-radiation process is a report that indicates what would bring the body into better balance.

We use this information to customize a program that is unique to each individual.

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Foods Focused On Fat Loss

Your individualized diet plan of all natural foods will come from an approved list of proteins, vegetables and fruits that promote fat loss.

The entire program is focused on fat loss (as opposed to just weight loss, which could include water or muscle).

What Makes The Can’t Lose Diet Stand Out?

Lose Weight & Burn Fat

For Can’t Lose Dieters, it takes only 40 days to complete the program and lose the desired weight. It takes between 5 – 7½ months to lose the same amount on the other programs.

The Can’t Lose Diet focuses on burning fat, primarily that abnormal fat that is hard to get rid of. Other diets don’t focus on fat burning foods at all.

See What People are Saying:

This diet really works. I am so happy I lost 22 lbs (including 18.4 lbs of fat). Pat has been extremely helpful. She is a great motivator and always ready with suggestions. Now in reset I am eating healthier than ever before and I am so thankful that my sugar cravings are gone. My energy is back and best of all my old jeans fit again. I highly recommend this diet.

Lisa Steinfeld

Save Money & Receive More Support

In addition to the shorter timeframe for losing weight:

The cost of the Can’t Lose Diet program is the best of the bunch on a cost-per-pound-lost basis, when compared to the most popular national diets.

Once the 40 days of rapid weight loss has been completed, we provide you with the tools and guidance to make sure you never regain the weight again! 

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