3 Most Popular Questions Women Ask About Weight Loss & Dieting

Women encounter a variety of challenges on their weight loss paths. As a professional weight loss expert, I’m here to answer three of the questions my female clients frequently ask.  

1. Can I Lose Weight Without Exercising? 

Female weight loss without exercising is possible if you incorporate some dietary and lifestyle changes. If you’re in a busy life stage, it can be freeing to focus on just diet and lifestyle instead of adding in the additional factor of exercising more.  

Calorie deficit diets typically involve eating 250 to 500 calories less each day, with the long-term goal of incremental and sustainable weight loss. For women, the USDA recommends having a daily caloric intake in the 1,200-1,500 range.  

Some simple ways to make positive changes to your diet include: 

  • Boost fiber intake 
  • Drink more water 
  • Choose nutrient-dense foods  
  • Steer clear of over-processed and fatty foods 

Lifestyle changes are another way to move closer to your goal weight without exercising. Hormones like cortisol can peak because of elevated stress levels and insufficient sleep. Cortisol has been known to increase cravings for unhealthy foods. It can also contribute to fat storage, especially around the belly.  

Two ways to lower weight-impacting stress hormones like Cortisol include lifestyle changes such as: 

  • Practicing meditation and deep breathing, as well as  
  • Getting sufficient sleep each night 

2. How Can I Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau? 

Female weight loss plateaus can happen for a variety of reasons, from hormonal imbalances due to menstruation or menopause to nutritional deficiencies that your current diet is exacerbating. A slower metabolism due to aging is another factor that can thwart weight loss goals.  

Working with a professional weight loss coach can help you recharge a sluggish metabolism and lower something that’s called your “metabolic age.” Increasing your physical activity, both inside and outside of the gym, is another strategy to try. You can also incorporate more cardio and strength training into your exercise regimen.  

3. How Do I Maintain My Weight Loss? 

Consistency with both dieting and exercise is a winning combination that will help you manage your ideal weight. Here are a few tips to keep off the pounds you’ve worked so hard to shed. 

  • Adhere to a Healthy Diet 

A common misconception about dieting is that you’ll have to stop eating the foods you love. When you collaborate with a good weight loss coach, they’ll help you create customized meal plans designed for your body’s unique condition and needs. They’ll include some of the foods you love while mixing in healthier, nutrient-dense options that help you burn fat naturally. It’s all about balance.  

  • Commit to Routine Exercise 

Find exercises you enjoy doing and switch up your routine from time to time. Staying active on a regular basis will help burn calories and keep you looking and feeling your best.   

  • Find a Partner for Your Weight Loss Journey 

Partner with a professional weight loss coach for accountability and encouragement along the way. Everyone runs into obstacles and plateaus on their weight loss path. Having the right person along to guide you and cheer you on will help ensure you reach your ideal weight and are able to maintain it weeks and months later.  

With the right strategy and partner, achieving your weight loss goals is within your reach. Feel free to connect with me to get started with a dietary program that brings real and sustainable results.  

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