Losing Belly Fat, A Success Story

We can’t help but share a story from one of our dieters who was extremely happy with her results on our weight loss program. For background info, our dieter Donna lost 21.5 lbs. over the summer, including 16.0 lbs. of fat. She managed to keep the weight/fat off and, like most Can’t Lose Diet dieters, […]

A Remote Dieter’s Experience on the Can’t Lose Diet

Can’t Lose Diet owner, Pat Hall, knows that changing your eating habits and getting healthier can be tough work. She guides each dieter individually, according to their specific plan, with the goal of losing weight and still enjoying food. One of the most important aspects of the program is that it’s based on each person’s biochemistry and […]

Dedicated Nutritionists & Happy Dieters at Can’t Lose Diet

Sometimes a dieter says more in their Google review than we could in a whole blog article. Jax is a great example of that. She came to Can’t Lose Diet a little skeptical. And who could blame her? For years she’d tried other diets without the long-term wellness and maintained weight loss she wanted. We’ll […]

Local Mayor Finds Weight Loss Success with The Can’t Lose Diet

Bruce Tucker Interviewed by Sherry Bruck SB: So we have a mutual friend Thom Kleiner who showed me a photo of you and him campaigning last fall, before you started the Can’t Lose Diet, and to me you didn’t look that heavy. What motivated you to want to lose weight? BT: Well, the last time I had […]

Can’t Lose Diet in the Daily Voice

This month, we’re sharing one from the archives! One of our dieters was featured in a piece we had in the Daily Voice, and we thought it was worth a share. Many of our dieters are surprised when they see the results of their first (non-invasive & painless) biocommunication body scan. Read on, you never […]

What Should You Eat to Burn Fat? Effective Fat Burning Foods

Why Do Some Foods Burn Fat? One reason some foods help with fat loss is a physiological process called the thermogenic effect. Foods that have a high thermogenic effect help the body generate heat, which accelerates metabolism and increases the number of calories you burn. Other foods have chemicals and compounds that are great at […]

Can’t Lose Diet’s Best Avocado Recipes

Avocados are a great source of potassium, insoluble and soluble fiber, lutein and omega-3 fatty acids.  The fat content in avocados helps the body to properly absorb fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients.  When avocados are eaten with fruits and vegetables containing Vitamin A, K, D and E, your body will more easily be able to absorb […]

Dieter Testimonial: Can’t Lose Diet Success Story

Online reviews are vital to any business these days, and Can’t Lose Diet is no exception. We work hard to provide expertise and unbeatable support for our dieters, which is why the program has such a track record of success. So it’s gratifying when our dieters choose to write a review online. Not only are […]

Can’t Lose Diet Presents: Why Your Metabolic Age Matters

With the current pace of scientific research about health and wellness, it can be difficult to keep track of new terminologies that arise as our understanding of the field improves. One important term to know when it comes to fitness and dieting is Metabolic Age. At Can’t Lose Diet, a time-proven program that helps dieters […]

What To Do When Your Jeans Don’t Fit!

by Sherry Bruck We’ve all had a lot to stress about the past 4 months with the COVID-19 shutdown. The last thing on our minds were trivial things like what to wear other than wonderfully stretchy yoga pants or sweatpants. But now that things are opening up and we are actually have somewhere to go, […]