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Sometimes a dieter says more in their Google review than we could in a whole blog article. Jax is a great example of that. She came to Can’t Lose Diet a little skeptical. And who could blame her? For years she’d tried other diets without the long-term wellness and maintained weight loss she wanted. We’ll let her speak for herself!

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Jax Rothchild, 5-star Google Review

I don’t even recognize my body in the mirror. Run, don’t walk. All you will lose are pounds and fat on the Cant Lose Diet!

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Pat and the Can’t Lose Diet. I was super skeptical going in as I had been “dieting” for years and hadn’t seen any weight loss over 2lbs since 2020 and was super frustrated.

Out of sheer luck, I found Pat and I am so glad I did. Pat is honest, transparent, an excellent communicator and an overall fabulous coach!

I couldn’t believe any program would guarantee my weight loss, but Pat did! Since I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, Pat would only guarantee me 15 pounds of weight loss (I actually lost 17lbs in total and over 13 lbs of fat in total and kept it all off).

Not only has Pat taught me so much about my body and sugar intake, but Pat has become a friend and my weekly visits to Pat have felt like therapy over diet guidance.

Pat is extremely motivating, very clear in her guidance and is 100% behind you whether you are stuck on a boat and need an idea for what to eat or even at the grocery store, confirming a label.

I have never met a more dedicated nutritionist in my life and I have never had such amazing success in such a short time.

On the other side of the 40 days and 3 weeks of reset, I am sitting at 117 lbs, a weight I never thought I would see, no less maintain!!

The best part is that I never feel hungry, my cravings have complete

ly shifted, my energy level is high and I stopped needing coffee to function. AND, I was able to drink ALCOHOL AND LOSE ALL OF THIS WEIGHT.

Even my focus at work and for my family has improved. Don’t even get me started on my body. I really don’t recognize myself in the mirror. I keep thinking it is someone else when I catch a quick glimpse. My six pack returned and I have had two babies!!

In the first week alone, I dropped 4 lbs. While that may not sound like a ton to many, that was 3.4% of my body weight in the first week and I was struggling to get through eating all of the foods I was given (not hungry at all). I was so motivated for more.

I love that everything on Pat’s plan is natural. I love that I have given up all of my fake sugars and stopped drinking snapple, a terrible 64 ounce daily problem I have had for decades. I never liked water and now I drink over 80 ounces every single day. I carry my hydro flask of water (with Stur) everywhere.

I also bring my food to work and find myself naturally avoiding things that aren’t good for you, like sugar and grease. When I have tried a sugary food since starting with Pat, it tastes funny to me. Fruit tastes sweet again.

My skin looks so much better than it ever has and I have had friends ask if I had work done (best compliment ever).

There are no words to truly explain how thankful I am to Pat and the Can’t Lose Diet. I have learned so much about myself and have started to implement these strategies at home for my entire family.

If you have ever struggled with your weight, there is no better place to turn than to Pat and the Can’t Lose Diet. At 40, I looked 45. At 45, I look 35 and have the energy and metobolic age of a 19 year old. THANK YOU CAN’T LOSE DIET.

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