A Remote Dieter’s Experience on the Can’t Lose Diet

Can’t Lose Diet owner, Pat Hall, knows that changing your eating habits and getting healthier can be tough work. She guides each dieter individually, according to their specific plan, with the goal of losing weight and still enjoying food. One of the most important aspects of the program is that it’s based on each person’s biochemistry and each person’s tastes. Pat takes that into account and makes space in the plan for the occasional treats.

For remote dieters it’s no different – the level of one-on-one guidance and support is part of the reason Can’t Lose Diet customers are so happy with the results. Here’s Pat reflecting on a recent remote dieter’s success story:

“Amy from a Boston suburb followed the plan without ever coming to the office, and did a splendid job of it! She is passionate about ice cream, and we managed to find a way for her to enjoy her favorite ice cream — Brigham’s Mocha — twice a week afterwards, without gaining an ounce back! I guided her through two months of eating on her own, once the program officially ended, because I wanted to make sure she could enjoy ALL her favorite foods and still maintain the weight/fat losses — and she was able to do that incredibly well.”

Can’t Lose Diet Customer Review Letter:

I am about average weight, but my weight had inched up over several years, to the point where I did not feel great about myself.  I tried any number of different diets, including Noom, but I had a tough time sticking with any of them.  Then I learned of a friend who had had great success on the Can’t Lose Diet, and after speaking with Pat Hall, I signed up.  And boy am I glad that I did!  I lost 20 pounds, which is really a lot considering my height (I’m 5’3″ and the fact that I was only a little bit overweight for my age).  

I found the diet not all that difficult — mostly because the rules were so clear, it was easy to follow.  I wasn’t hungry even during the first 40 days, because although the allowed foods are limited in terms of what they are, the quantities of certain items (vegetables in particular) was such that I could always satisfy my hunger by just having more vegetables.  

The diet made me much more appreciative of simple flavors from unpackaged foods — spices, lemon, lime, onion, garlic, rosemary, basil, etc.  I have a real sweet tooth, but I gained a new appreciation for how sweet and delicious fruit is!  

Now that I’ve gotten to my target weight, I’m learning how to incorporate some sweets and other indulgences, and so far, I am easily able to maintain my new set weight even while enjoying those indulgences.  Pat is a wonderful coach — she’s patient, very knowledgeable, fun to talk to, and inspiring.  

I don’t live in the greater NYC area, and so I did the diet remotely, but it worked very well — I had regular phone calls set up with Pat, and her encouragement really kept me on track.  I’m very grateful to Pat and to the Can’t Lose Diet.  I feel as if I’m back to my better, more normal self.

Amy – Concord, MA

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