Losing Belly Fat, A Success Story

We can’t help but share a story from one of our dieters who was extremely happy with her results on our weight loss program.

For background info, our dieter Donna lost 21.5 lbs. over the summer, including 16.0 lbs. of fat. She managed to keep the weight/fat off and, like most Can’t Lose Diet dieters, she continued to lose MORE fat over the ensuing months after returning to “normal” eating.

Once the program is completed, “normal eating” includes consuming a daily minimum requirement of FAT like cheese, nuts, avocados, olive oil, etc. While on the program, a dieter avoids ALL fats because we want her to burn and consume her OWN fat, particularly belly fat.

Once the program is done, however, consuming healthy fats on a daily basis is required because FAT is not the enemy — SUGAR is! In fact, once you lose the desired weight/fat, consuming fat is critically important because healthy fat is essential to an ongoing healthy eating regimen.

It may be hard for people to believe it, but once the program is completed and you have reached your weight loss goals, consuming fat HELPS you keep the weight off and encourages your body to continue BURNING FAT!

So, here is what Donna told Pat Hall, Can’t Lose Diet founder:

“All my life, I have wanted a flat belly and could never achieve it. Now, I have an amazingly FLAT tummy.”

Donna giggled as she continued,

“My husband keeps exclaiming that he is married to a teenager!”

Donna is 62 years old and now actually looks like her newly achieved Metabolic Age of 37 years old! Her husband’s delight in being married to a teenager was, of course, in reference to her incredibly flat, tight tummy!

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