What To Do When Your Jeans Don’t Fit!

by Sherry Bruck

We’ve all had a lot to stress about the past 4 months with the COVID-19 shutdown. The last thing on our minds were trivial things like what to wear other than wonderfully stretchy yoga pants or sweatpants. But now that things are opening up and we are actually have somewhere to go, we’ve suddenly found our clothes are too tight. Yikes! With a full closet of clothes there is no way we’re springing for stuff. And it’s not just the money, it’s the principal of the matter! We’ve all been through enough—working remotely, zoom fatigue, social distancing, masks, grocery lines, homeschooling, too much work, job loss, PPP, PPE, travel bans, protests, riots—spending more money because we’ve been stress eating. Not happening.

Cute clichés like Quarantine 15, the COVID-20 aside, the weight gain is real as the U.S. poll confirms national reports from the American Heart Association and Mayo Clinic about the weight gain during stay-at-home guidelines:

  • 15% said they gained 1-3 pounds.
  • 34% said they gained 4-6 pounds.
  • 26% said they gained 7-9 pounds.
  • 21% said they gained 10-20 pounds.
  • 4% said they gained 21 pounds or more.

So what to do? As fast as the weight went on, it can come off as Can’t Lose Diet customer Anthony and his wife can attest. They had done the Can’t Lose Diet in October 2019 with great success. Anthony had lost 27.1 lbs., including 16.2 lbs. of fat in 44 days, going from over 220 to 192.9. His wife was astonished to lose 10 lbs. very quickly, confiding that it had taken her over a year to lose less than that amount in the past.

But when the COVID shutdown happened, this New Canaan, CT couple were homebound with their 8 year old son and daughter. The family succumbed to home-cooked comfort food to destress like everyone else, watching the scale inch back up. They knew how good it felt to be at a healthy weight as soon as businesses officially opened back up, they decided to take immediate action.

“We knew the Can’t Lose Diet worked, so we signed right back up for the program in June to take care of the COVID-15 we gained,” said Anthony. “The great part of CLD is that it’s very structured and easy to follow.”

“Also it’s a good time to be on the diet because we can do a lot of grilling. That makes the food easy to cook and very flavorful,” Anthony adds. “Doing the diet together with my wife also makes it a lot easier. 40 days is not that long, but still it’s 40 days. We share food and cook together. And we can support and encourage each other.”

“It’s so satisfying to see Anthony and his wife take the COVID weight off so fast,” states Can’t Lose Diet owner Pat Hall. “So many people have gained weight during this stressful time and I’m happy to be able to help people get down to a healthy weight, which also boosts their immune systems.”


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