Can’t Lose Diet Presents: Why Your Metabolic Age Matters

With the current pace of scientific research about health and wellness, it can be difficult to keep track of new terminologies that arise as our understanding of the field improves. One important term to know when it comes to fitness and dieting is Metabolic Age. At Can’t Lose Diet, a time-proven program that helps dieters lose weight quickly, we pay attention to metabolic age as a useful ‘before and after’ measurement of our dieter’s health outcomes. In fact, in some ways metabolic age tells us just as much as before and after weight measurements, since it can tell us about a person’s overall body fat ratio.

What exactly is metabolic age?

Essentially, metabolic age is a metric that combines two other metrics: one, how many calories your body burns while functioning normally or at rest, also known as your basal metabolic rate (BMR), and two, your chronological age. Believe it or not, studies show that the BMR—the rate at which you’re burning calories while not exercising—accounts for approximately 60 to 75% of your total energy expenditure each day.

By combining your BMR measurement with your chronological age, your metabolic age tells you how your BMR compares to others in your age group. Your metabolic age may reflect that your BMR falls within the average for your age group, or that your BMR is higher or lower than the average for your age group—meaning that your metabolic age is “older” or “younger” than your actual/chronological age

BMR accounts for around 70% of your total energy expenditure each day.

The reason why BMR is a useful measure of health is because it describes a person’s ratio of muscle to fat—because the amount of calories that you burn at rest will differ on the basis of how much muscle versus fat they have.

Of course, measuring BMR is only one method for getting a picture of a person’s health, and it’s not the only method out there. But we have found that implementing meal strategies that specifically and quickly reduce body fat leads to not only a lower BMR—and therefore also a lower metabolic age—but also improves other health indicators, too.

Healthy meals and snacks that accelerate fat loss.

Consider this: compared to a pound of fat tissue, a pound of muscle tissue burns significantly more calories, whether you’re exercising or not. In order to be able to burn energy, you want your body to be directing the calories you eat to the muscles rather than storing them away as fat.

That’s why Can’t Lose Diet focuses on rapid fat loss. As the relative amount of fat to muscle in your body improves, your metabolic age will also improve. Moreover, your baseline everyday energy level will increase, and you’ll feel healthier.

How can I lower my metabolic age?

Our meal strategies are based on the principle that by eating healthier and reducing your body fat, your physical health will benefit— as will your sense of well-being. It’s easier to maintain an active lifestyle when you have the energy to do so, and this sense of energy is directly related to what you eat as well as how much stored body fat you have. We have the expertise to help make sure that our dieters are losing body fat, rather than only water weight.

We focus on targeting stored fat by kickstarting our dieters’ bodies to start burning 2000-6000 calories per day. Our approach is highly effective—we have consistently helped dieters of all ages to lose 20 or more pounds in just 40 days. We customize weight loss solutions to each individual, using nutritious meal plans, state-of-the-art biotechnology to measure your progress, and support from our knowledgeable and dedicated staff every step of the way.


What about remote dieting?

In addition to in-person dieting at our headquarters location in Westchester County, New York, we offer remote dieting to dieters across all 50 states. We have helped over 800 dieters from all over. Our dieters can follow the Can’t Lose Diet program remotely, with weekly phone or video meetings to check in on your progress and 24/7 texting with our staff for support.


We are here to help you succeed and to maintain a healthy metabolism for life. Call us today to schedule a consultation, or you can book online.

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